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When should you hire an electrician for Your Home?

Electricity is vital for your home but needs proper care and attention. Electrical problems can occur anytime without warning and sometimes may put your family at risk. The safety of your home can depend upon the electrical wiring. Most homeowners ignore small problems which can result in storing a problem for another day. Here are some tell tale signs:

Flickering Lights

Flickering of lights can be a sign of a defective bulb, overloaded circuit, loose light bulb or light fixtures. If the light keeps flickering constantly after replacing the bulb and the problem persists then there can be a wiring problem. In this case you need to hire an electrician to diagnose the issue.

Circuit Breaker Problems
If your circuit is breaking constantly when your circuit is overloaded then you need to check the wiring of your home. The problem can be because of high voltage or power failure which can be best diagnosed by your electrician. They will take suitable action to resolve the issue.

Warm outlets / Burning smell around outlets
A burning smell around outlets is not a good sign as this can be a serious problem and need immediate attention. Warm outlets can occur due to an overloaded outlet, loose wires or faulty switch. To resolve this problem immediately turn off the power and call a professional electrician immediately.

Electrical Shocks
If you feel an electric shock while plugging or touching the switch there can be a wiring problem. This can happen when two wires touch and current flows creating more heat than the circuit can handle.