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Dealing with potential electrical hazards.

We all reap the benefits of living in an electrified world.

From the simple convenience of switching on a light when it’s dark, to the amazing miracles of modern, life-saving surgery, from the at-your- fingertips communication capabilities of your phone to the wonders of space exploration – none of these things would be possible without electricity and our harnessing of its powers. As you read this, just think of everything you have done today that, in one way or another, has been powered by electricity.

Perhaps it is the sheer ubiquity of electricity in our everyday lives that can make us forget that, unless we treat it with respect, it can also be extremely dangerous.

Most of us are in the dark when it comes to the technicalities of electricity!

Which is where we come in – accredited electricians who know the problems that can arise and how to deal safely with them.

  • So, in the event of any of the following situations, this is what you should do:
  • Damaged equipment or tools – do not use them – get them repaired or replaced.
  • Faulty or inadequate wiring – call an accredited electrician.
  • Any problems with overhead power lines – ditto.
  • Anything electrical behaving in an unusual or erratic manner – ask an expert.

In short, anything electrical with which you are not familiar or experienced, should be dealt with by an expert in the field. They will know what to look for and how it should be dealt with in the safest way.

Always remember, be safe, not sorry – rely on an expert to put your mind at ease and to help keep your tumble dryer tumbling, your cooker cooking, your kettle boiling, your TV transmitting and your lights shining brightly!