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System Automation – Birmingham, Solihull

Large industrial companies or businesses that require consistent results from their processes will benefit significantly from system automation. Daybury Electrical Services are experts in automated system controls and assisting companies in Worcester, Stourport-on-Severn, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, Redditch, Telford, Birmingham, Solihull and Dudley to in diminishing operational costs and increasing productivity.

The benefits of system automation

System automation carries with it many benefits, most notably the ability to be able to automate processes that can mitigate costs and provide more efficient production. It also affords companies more flexibility with their plant or machine procedures. System automation enables companies to speed up tasks to satisfy any urgent customer needs, while also making any necessary changes to the process quick and straightforward. All of these features assist in reducing errors, improving product consistency and ultimately saving businesses money and time.

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Types of system automation

There are two types of automatic control that we provide for clients in Worcester, Stourport-on-Severn, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, Redditch and Telford.

PID control: PID is an acronym for a proportional, integral, derivative controller that works as a closed-loop control in industrial settings where precision is essential. The controller measures the variables in any process and feedbacks outputs to achieve maximum efficiency.

PLC programming: PLC programming systems are better suited to more general applications. They are easily reprogrammable to meet the differing needs of plant, industrial or manufacturing enterprises.

Applications for system automation

We install automated systems for plant processes and factories in many diverse industries. It can transform machine automation to increase productivity and profit, as well as aiding the performance of HVAC systems in offices and factories. If you own a company in Worcester, Stourport-on-Severn, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, Redditch and Telford, and would like more information on system automation, contact the experts at Daybury Electrical Services.