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Expert PLC Programming service in Birmingham and Solihull

Although the automobile sector first introduced PLC Programming in the 1960s, it’s only in recent times that it has become widespread in many industries. Industrial companies in Birmingham and Solihull are migrating from traditional hardwired relay logic controls to PLC Programming for greater automation in industrial processes. At Daybury Electrical Services, we’ve assisted clients in Birmingham and Solihull in implementing PLC Programming systems to create more efficient and cost-effective automated industrial operations.

The benefits of PLC Programming

Modern PLC Programming systems are incredibly adaptable and flexible compared to conventional hardwired relay logic controls and feature a user-friendly interface. A PLC system can be reprogrammed relatively simple if you need to adapt it to new processes for your business or if you have new machinery to install. A PLC system requires fewer moving parts and wires, which results in it taking up less space and a quicker installation time.

If any faults occur, PLCs feature an incorporated diagnostic that enables users to identify and fix errors, reducing downtime quickly.

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How Daybury Electrical Services deliver PLC Programming to clients

At Daybury Electrical Services, we provide PLC programmes for Siemens and Allen Bradley Micrologix systems for businesses that use industrial, manufacturing and machine automation in their production process. We design, construct and install PLC Programming systems that can save companies time and money through more efficient industrial processes. Contact our team today if you run an automated production process in Birmingham or Solihull and want to learn more about how PLC Programming can transform your business.