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How to make sure your mobile heating devices are safe

Now we are well into autumn, and with the clocks due to go back, the temperatures will begin to decline sharply in the coming weeks. During this time and the coldest winter months, many people will rely on portable heaters and electric blankets, probably more so this year with rising energy prices. These mobile devices could be dangerous if not used correctly so, we’ve put together a few tips from Daybury electrical services to keep you warm and safe this winter.

Electric blanket checklist

There are several things to look for before using your electric blanket, including:

  • Fraying fabric
  • Burn marks
  • Any protruding wires
  • Check the cord and plug look sound
  • Check the control sounds fine when turned on

If you notice any signs of damage or smoking then, you should replace it immediately. Similarly, there are certain things you shouldn’t do with an electric blanket, such as:

  • Use it unless it’s completely unfolded
  • Touch it with wet hands or feet
  • Use it in combination with a hot water bottle
  • Insert anything into the blanket to hold it into place

Portable heater

Anyone who has been providing electrical services for a long time will tell you there are specific rules to follow with heaters, whether they are halogen heaters, fan heaters or oil-filled radiators:

  • Never put your heater on an uneven surface
  • Keep it far away from anything flammable, and don’t ever cover them
  • Don’t leave them on while you go to sleep or go out
  • Don’t use an extension lead to plug into a heater as it can cause it to overload
  • Check for damage before use and replace if necessary

Contact our team for more information on how to test the electrics in your home to ensure they are safe or for any of our excellent electrical services.