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Are you planning an upgrade for your home electrical systems?

The electrical systems in our homes include elements such as circuitry, the fuse board, plug sockets, light switches and light installations, and often an electrical cooker too. All this wiring needs upgrading periodically to make sure it is safe and fit for purpose.

The most important thing to remember if you are thinking about re-wiring you home is that this is not a DIY job – make sure you get a qualified electrician or you are putting your home and its occupants at risk.

It may be time to get an upgrade if:

Your system is old: when it comes to electrical circuitry age matters. Modern systems offer a higher degree of safety than they did even a few decades ago, and the way we use energy today has changed, with much greater loads expected of our domestic systems.

You are using too many extensions. Everything needs a power connection these days: landline phones, your speakers, your TV’s speakers, your WiFi –not to mention all those things that need charging all the time. Our homes were often designed for much simpler times when 4 – 6 sockets per room was more than adequate, and so many people rely on multiple extension lead or adapters – a solution that is unsightly and can pose a fire risk if sockets become overloaded.

Getting the right electrician for the job

With an electrician such as Daybury on board you can be assured that your re-wiring will be carried out to the highest safety standards. We have considerable expertise in designing electrical systems that are suitable for their intended use, and can offer expert advice on maximum load, and home automation.

Find out how a fully qualified, experienced Daybury electrician could help you keep the lights on and your family safe at home.