Last week the president of Scotland’s largest trade association, Select, delivered a stark warning about the high numbers of rogue electricians carrying out shoddy and dangerous work. Donald W Orr called the work “incompetent and downright dangerous”, but how do unsuspecting members of the public check to ensure the electrician they’re employing has the full […]

To the uninitiated, they might believe that a qualified electrician would be suitable for any electrical work, but this isn’t the case. A domestic electrician would not likely share the same skill set and knowledge of an industrial electrician. The environments that an industrial electrician will find themselves can vary wildly; from warehouses to shopping […]

We all reap the benefits of living in an electrified world. From the simple convenience of switching on a light when it’s dark, to the amazing miracles of modern, life-saving surgery, from the at-your- fingertips communication capabilities of your phone to the wonders of space exploration – none of these things would be possible without […]

The electrical systems in our homes include elements such as circuitry, the fuse board, plug sockets, light switches and light installations, and often an electrical cooker too. All this wiring needs upgrading periodically to make sure it is safe and fit for purpose. The most important thing to remember if you are thinking about re-wiring […]

Are you seeking an electrician and contractor specialising in BMS local to Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, or Telford? Building Management Systems, or BMS help regulate the operation of a building and monitor aspects such as the flow or air and CO2 exchange. Sometimes these are integrated alongside energy, environmental, communications, and security systems too. Why use BMS? […]

An electrician is a person specially trained and qualified to deal with the design, installation, repair,inspection, and maintenance of electrical systems and appliances. An electrician is the right person to call if you need an electrical circuit fixing or any work involving a mains electrical current. Be it at home or in the office, a […]